Ways Poker is played

Whether you are playing at Doyle’s Poker room or Full Tilt Poker - two of the biggest names in poker on the net, you will want to learn how to play all of the poker games. The most popular of all of the poker games that you will want to learn to play is the beloved Texas Holdem. Texas Holdem has pretty much taken the world by storm and is a game that is easy for anyone to learn how to play. 

There are several different poker games played at Doyle’s Poker as well as Full Tilt poker. Both of these are games that can be played for money or for fun at these sites. Both Doyles and Full Tilt will give the novice poker player lessons until he or she feels comfortable enough to play on their own. 

Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud is a game that is offered at most online casinos. It is an easy game to pick up.  You are dealt seven cards, two down, four up and then the final one down. There are variations of this game. Seven Card Stud can only be played with around 5 people with one deck. Although you have seven cards in your hand, a poker hand is always just five cards. So you can choose the best of the five to make your hand. 

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is a variation of seven card stud only it is a tournament game. What makes it so popular is that a lot of people can sit at the table and play with a 52 card deck. This is because each player only gets two cards of their own. These are dealt face down. The rest of the five cards are dealt face down in the middle of the table and can be used by any and all players, but players must use their own cards (called pocket cards) in their hands. The first three cards that are overturned are called the flop, the fourth is called the turn and the fifth is called the river. 


Omaha is a derivative of Texas Holdem only you get four pocket cards instead of two and three cards are placed as community cards on the table. This is another tournament game because it can be used with one deck and can accommodate more than a few players. There is Omaha Hi and Omaha Lo. In the low game, you try to get the worst possible hand.

Most of the online card games at Doyle’s Poker and Full Tilt Poker are some variation of seven card stud. Once you realize how to play poker, you can then pick up any type of poker game.  Stud poker is when the cards you are dealt are those that are kept throughout the game. Draw poker is when you can toss back three cards (four if you are holding an Ace) and draw more cards from a deck. All poker hands consist of five cards. The highest hand you can get in poker is a straight flush (all cards in a row of the same suit). Next comes four of a kind (such as four kings), a full house (three kings and two threes, for example), a flush (all cards of the same suit), a straight (all cards of different suits in a row), three of a kind, two pair and a pair. 

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