Learn the best strategies for playing poker

While you cannot be a winner every time you play poker, you can certainly win at least 75 percent of the time. Professional poker players bank on winning 75 percent of the time that they play poker.

The more you play and the more strategies that you learn, the better off you can be. 

Learn to play conservatively

You can win more if you learn to play a conservative game of poker. If you are playing a seven card stud game that means that you are not likely to win with less than a pair. The conservative move is to go out if you have less than a pair of Jacks. Some will stay in with a pair of twos and try to bluff their way through the game. In some cases, if the cards are exceptionally bad, a pair of twos might win. But not often. The type of hand that you stay in the game with depends upon your opponents, and the type of game you are playing. 

Draw Poker

Some online sites offer draw poker and you will also see this in poker machines. Draw poker is when you can choose more cards and discard cards that are not helping your hand. All poker hands are comprised of five cards. If you draw a pair of Kings, a two, a three and a 10, you are wise to toss out all but the kings and get new cards. You are always better off going for the pairs than going for the flushes and straights, unless you have an open ended straight or four of the same suit. An open ended straight is when you can get either a high or low card to make your straight. Otherwise, do not break up a pair. Draw poker hands are usually higher than stud poker hands in which the cards you are dealt is what you play with. While a pair might win at stud poker, a pair will not likely win during a draw poker game. 

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is a game that everyone loves because it is easy to play and a variation of 7 card stud. You get two pocket cards, face down. You must use these cards and pick three of the five cards that are placed on the table to be part of your hand. The cards on the table are placed faced down. The first three cards are turned over one at a time - they are called the flop. A strategy is to stay in for the entire flop, unless you really have absolutely nothing. If you do not have at least a pair after the flop, fold. If you have a good hand (such as two aces as your pocket cards and you see two aces in the flop) stay in but try not to act too excited. Your objective is to win as much money as possible and if your opponents see you raising wildly and getting excited, they will be astute enough to realize what you are holding. 

The best strategies for playing poker is to keep your cool, play conservatively (pairs or better to stay in) and to bluff only when needed. Bluffing can work once in a while, but it rarely works more than a few times. Hold your tongue, watch your mannerisms and never let anyone see your reaction or expression.